Who We Are

Our Leadership Team

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cross-channel marketing technology space, our Leadership Team drives the vision and execution of best-in-class technology and services that help our clients achieve their goals and exceed the demands of their customers.

Leadership Team New One

David McRae
President & Chief Operating Officer
David is president of Yes Marketing and Chief Operating Officer of Infogroup. His teams are responsible for leveraging integrated marketing, data, insight resources and technology...
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Michael Iaccarino
Chairman and CEO, Infogroup
Mr. Michael L. Iaccarino is Chairman and CEO of Infogroup (parent of Yes Marketing), a leading provider of high-value data and multi-channel marketing solutions delivered in real-time...
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Jonathan Quint
Chief Information Officer
As Chief Information Officer, Jonathan oversees infrastructure and security for both Infogroup and Yes Marketing. He leads IT operations management, data processing development, cloud...
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Ivy Shtereva
VP, Marketing
As a VP of marketing at Yes Marketing, Ivy is responsible for multichannel strategy and implementation across the email, database, web, and direct marketing channels. She is dedicated...
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Marcia Jacobs
SVP, Client Services
Marcia Jacobs is an influential client-facing executive who is focused on developing trusting relationships with Yes Marketing’s clients with the ultimate goal of helping them drive...
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Tanya Warner
SVP, Client Management and Services
Tanya Warner is a results-driven marketing executive with more than 20 years of CRM, direct marketing and email experience. Tanya leads a client services team supporting key strategic...
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Sumit Bhalla
SVP, Client Management and Services
Sumit Bhalla brings over 15 years of integrated sales, marketing and CRM delivery experience to his current role as Vice President of Client Management and Services for Yes Marketing....
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Matthew Caldwell
SVP, Creative
Matthew Caldwell is a 10-year veteran of email marketing design and is consumed with creating energetic layouts that look great and are impulsively clickable. An email designer since...
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Jason Warnock
SVP, Innovation Labs
Jason Warnock is a seasoned veteran of digital marketing. After creating successful email applications for Canadian bank CIBC (2004), Jason initiated and managed Deliverability...
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Our Customer Experience Experts

Meet the Team New One

Anna Roi
Program Manager
As a Program Manager at Yes Marketing, Anna is responsible for managing the marketing programs for her clients. She maintains marketing program schedules and ensures the timely...
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Anna Kotlikov
Intelligence Products Analyst
Anna Kotlikov is an Intelligence Products Analyst at Yes Marketing based out of the Mississauga, Canada office. Anna joined Yes Marketing in July 2018 and has experience in a variety...
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Beth Frysztak
Vice President, Global Client Strategy
Beth Frysztak has over 25 years of experience working with Yes Marketing’s largest enterprise-level clients. She is a dynamic, strategic, integrated marketing consultant with expertise...
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Bob White
Director, Client Services
As an Account Director at Yes Marketing, Bob is responsible for owning and cultivating strong relationships. He spends his days helping his clients plan, build and maintain customer...
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Brad Van Der Woerd
VP Professional Services, Inboxable
Brad provides global email deliverability leadership and management for Yes Marketing’s Inboxable team. His expertise includes providing digital marketing strategies, email...
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Bryan Finke
Vice President, Customer Experience & Communication Strategies
Bryan Finke leads the Communications and Customer Experience Strategies center of excellence within Yes Marketing. His team partners with clients to develop and optimize strategies...
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