Yesmail Ups the Ante with Enhanced Competitive Intelligence 2.0

Marketers Can Now Fully Customize and Segment Competitive Data Collected Across Email and Social Channels and Develop Digital Marketing Insights via Real-time Analytics

Marketers Can Now Fully Customize and Segment Competitive Data Collected Across Email and Social Channels and Develop Digital Marketing Insights via Real-time Analytics.

(PORTLAND, OR) – October 4, 2012 - Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company which powers intelligent customer interactions, today released the newest version of its competitive and market intelligence solution, Yesmail Market Intelligence 2.0.

With the new and enhanced functionalities introduced in this release, Yesmail Interactive further enables its clients to improve their marketing efforts and create successful multichannel strategies based on tracked digital campaign data. Yesmail Market Intelligence 2.0 offers unprecedented customization capabilities, enhanced analytical capabilities and a more effective user interface. In this upgraded version, users can now completely customize the tool by tracking competitive campaigns based on pre-selected variables such as a high engagement score, a specific type of promotion, campaign theme and more... Advanced analytics built into the tool allow marketers to identify successful campaign themes and offers from top-performing competitors, track historic campaign performance, measure daily growth of competitors’ social following, and much more.

“As digital marketing continues to be a top revenue driver, Yesmail Interactive continues to ensure that our clients are a step ahead of their competition,” said Jason Warnock, VP, Yesmail Interactive. “Since the release of the tool in February, we began to notice that enabling more customization capabilities to settings, views and an increase in analytics would provide our clients the unparalleled ability to outperform their competition across digital channels.

New and improved features include:

Dynamic Filtering of Competitive Data: Set up advanced keyword, channel, date range, and engagement filters in order to track performance of relevant campaign types and adjust strategy accordingly. This functionality helps marketers identify tactics that have been successfully applied by competitors and integrate the best-of-breed ones into their own strategy.. 

Real-time Enhanced Analytics and Insights: Analyze information with new built-in, real-time analytics that enable users to drill into the data on a campaign, channel, competitor, or custom levels and see spikes in channel and campaign engagement, volume, and follower growth, while identifying trends in deployment times and channel usage.

Exports: Export all campaign data in a PDF and CSV formats for further analysis or presentation purposes. All creative content can be exported in a graphic-rich PDF format so that users can easily compare and contrast competitors’ campaign design, calls to action, and promotions.

Compare Feature: Create side-by-side comparisons of up to four different competitors at a time. The analytics utilized for these are: campaign count, campaign engagement, and campaign deployment times. The comparisons are produced as easy-to-understand interactive charts that can be exported and featured in any presentation or report.

 Personas: Monitor email marketing messages of your competitors using predefined subscriber categories, which enable you to view promotions sent to different audience segments based on geographical regions, age, and gender. This feature provides insight into the type of offers your competitors are promoting to different segments of their databases.

“Yesmail Market Intelligence 2.0 is an example of our commitment to keeping our clients ahead of marketing trends,” said Michael Fisher, President, Yesmail Interactive. “We are continuously improving our technologies and innovations in order to make sure they are leading in their vertical. Yesmail Market Intelligence 2.0 is the must-have platform to ensure that your digital strategy is relevant, effective, and speaks to the consumer. Ultimately, learning from your competition means that you can outperform them. .”

To learn more about the new and improved Yesmail Market Intelligence 2.0, call 1-877-YESMAIL, email or Request a Demo.

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