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Yesmail Interactive Launches Yesmail Market Intelligence: A Powerful Competitive Market and Digital Content Intelligence Solution

New offering gives a centralized view of all competitive digital channel deployments with ready-to-use insights and analytics

Portland, OR - February 14, 2012 - Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company that powers intelligent customer interactions, today announced the launch of Yesmail Market Intelligence. This solution enables marketers to understand emerging trends, themes, and the multi-channel strategies their competition is using. Marketers can then apply these insights to their future campaign strategy. 

According to Michael Fisher, President, Yesmail Interactive, "Yesmail Market Intelligence is a powerful marketing solution. For the first time, marketers are able to measure their campaign performance against their competitors across all digital channels by specific brand, vertical, and industry to optimize future campaign launches." 

Yesmail Market Intelligence gives marketers the ability to:

  • Build a custom competitive intelligence network with a few easy button clicks.
  • Obtain detailed performance analytics of competitor digital campaigns by vertical and channel.
  • Report measurable insights of their own digital campaign performance.
  • Access graphic rich campaign creative galleries easily, to compare and contrast their creative with that of the competition for future strategy.
  • Access the best-of-breed marketing strategies across all marketers to optimize and revitalize content.

Jason Warnock, VP Market Intelligence and Measurement, Yesmail Interactive, stated, "Yesmail Market Intelligence gives marketers the opportunity to keep their customers close and their competition even closer. With real-time results given on one easy to use dashboard, marketers can analyze any campaign, across any vertical, and across multiple digital channels— like social, mobile and email." 

In addition, Yesmail Market Intelligence enables marketers to:

  • Utilize tracked competitor analysis to test channel deployment variations based on deployment time, frequencies, and best performing creative content.
  • Justify marketing spend to support specific digital campaigns based on channels competitors are utilizing successfully.
  • Be the first to know about competitor sales, offers, products, and more using a robust keyword monitoring system.
  • Analyze competitive deployment propensity cycles to get the marketers' message in market sooner and enable them to immediately respond to competitive deployments with compelling counter-offers.

To see this amazing solution for yourself, please contact sales@yesmail.com, call 1-877-YESMAIL, or click here to request a demo.  Don't forget to sign-up for our webinar: "Keep Your Customers Close and Your Competition Even Closer" on February 23 for the official product unveiling.

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