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Yesmail Interactive Expands Platform Capabilities to Deliver More Optimization to Marketers

Releases New Features to Help Marketers Fine Tune their Email Marketing for More Relevancy and Better Results.

(PORTLAND, OR) - November 27, 2012 - Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company which powers intelligent customer interactions, today unveiled a set of new platform capabilities as part of its product strategy to help marketers deliver optimized email campaigns.

“Today’s marketers have to carry out more complex email marketing campaigns with less time and fewer resources. While many marketers are automating their campaigns, most are unable to devote the time or resources to fine tune their programs so that they reach their full potential in terms of ROI,” said Julie Anne Reda, VP of Product Strategy. “Our focus is to help marketers move beyond simple automation. By providing solutions that not only automate campaigns, but also make it easier to fine tune those initiatives, we ensure our clients are fully optimized and obtain the best ROI.

As part of this focus, Yesmail Interactive announced the launch of three new email marketing solutions.

Personalization Ready Models: Enables Yesmail users to gain additional insight into their email database in a quick and cost efficient manner without the need to devote resources to data analysis. With a growing number of pre-built options to choose from, including predictive models and bundled industry-specific packages, Personalization Ready Models provide marketers with powerful behavioral indicators for each subscriber that can be used to personalize email campaigns.

Send-Time Optimization: Schedules email deployments so that email messages are sent at the time when each individual subscriber is most likely to engage with them. Yesmail Interactive’s solution is superior to current offerings in the marketplace, as it factors purchases, conversions, clicks, and opens over a longer sampling period. This methodology generates the best business result for the brand, as opposed to focusing purely on email marketing metrics.

Inbox Intelligence:Provides access to deliverability and inboxing metrics directly within the application, so marketers have a central location to monitor and maximize the delivery of their emails to subscribers’ inboxes. As ISPs increase their efforts against email spam, Inbox Intelligence uses the expertise of Yesmail’s Deliverability team to help marketers ensure that their emails arrive in subscribers’ inboxes and reach 100% of their target audience for the best results.

“As part of Infogroup, the world’s leading marketing data solutions provider, and as a leading email services provider, Yesmail Interactive has a natural advantage when it comes to helping marketers turn data into specific improvements for their email marketing,” says Michael Fisher, President of Yesmail Interactive. “We will continue to invest in the our portfolio of marketing technology and services to help our clients ensure they are not only delivering campaigns in the most efficient manner, but also that each email achieves the best possible result for their brand.”

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