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Yesmail Brings the Power of Forecasting to Email Marketing

Marketers Can Now Predict Long-Term Trends in their Marketing Campaigns and Test Different Scenarios

(PORTLAND, OR) – October 11, 2012 - Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company which powers intelligent customer interactions, today released a forecasting tool specifically designed to help email marketers meet the challenges of managing complex email programs.

With the introduction of the new forecasting tool into the Yesmail Interactive Suite, Yesmail clients will now be able to predict the long term performance of their email marketing and concretely establish their return on investment. The user interface of the tool incorporates easy- to- read visuals for the analytical data so that marketers can quickly discern the impact of future trends at a glance. Users can also use the tool to interactively test how changes in their marketing plan will impact its performance in terms of revenue, ROI and simple email metrics, such as open and click-through rate This makes powerful statistical analysis understandable for marketers, with or without an analytics background, and will enable them to make better decisions when planning and budgeting, which will result in increasing the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

“As email marketing programs have become increasingly complex, the analytics tools available to marketers have not advanced as quickly, leaving marketers with a lack of insight,” said Marc Shull, Senior Director of Customer Insight at Yesmail Interactive. “By applying advanced statistical methods to familiar email metrics and packaging that in an easy-to-use format, we deliver a deeper level of analysis and insight than is currently available in the market.”

Features available in the Forecasting tool include:

Database Size Forecast: Predicts the size and health of a client’s subscriber database based on historical performance. Marketers can view their subscriber list segmented by activity level, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure the growth of their subscriber list.

Projected Email Volume, Revenue and ROI: Forecasts the future performance of the marketer’s email campaign, segmented by program type. Forecasted variables include deliverability, standard email metrics, such as opens and click-throughs, as well as revenue and ROI. Marketers can now proactively manage quantifiable changes in their environment and make solid business plans based on projected return on investment.

Mobile Readership Projection: Projects trends for campaign and revenue metrics on emails received on mobile devices, enabling marketers to see the effectiveness of their email campaigns through this channel. As more consumers shift to reading emails through their mobile devices, quickly making it the predominant email channel, this analysis enables marketers to carefully monitor this channel and ensure that their email campaigns are resonating with mobile subscribers.

What-If Analysis: Enables marketers to forecast the impact of hypothetical changes to their email marketing, segmented by email program type. Marketers can enter different assumptions about their marketing plan and visually analyze how these changes will impact  long-term revenue and ROI generated by month. Using this tool, users can balance priorities and make necessary adjustments to create the best overall result for their business.

“We’ve long said that spending more to send the right message will enrich lifetime value,” wrote Shar VanBoskirk, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., in their August 24, 2011 report, US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 To 2016. “Well, at last email marketers are investing in analytics as part of a larger focus on customer relationship management (CRM) and customer intelligence.”

“By merging our experience in email marketing with our expertise in analytics and modeling, Yesmail is once again delivering on its commitment to help marketers deliver intelligent interactions through greater data-driven insights,” said Michael Fisher, President of Yesmail Interactive. “Sustained investment in our people and technology maintains our leadership position in email marketing and analytics. Clients can continue to expect us to push forward and drive beneficial changes in this area.”

To learn more about Yesmail Interactive’s new email marketing forecasting tool, call 1-877-YESMAIL or sales@yesmail.com.  

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