Yes Lifecycle Marketing Partners with STATS to Enable Triggered Email Messages Based on Sports Events

Yes Lifecycle Marketing Partners with STATS to Enable Triggered Email Messages Based on Sports Events

PORTLAND, OR – Oct. 15, 2014 – Yes Lifecycle Marketing, announces it has partnered with sports data provider STATS, a global leader in sports content and technology, to enable marketers to deploy real-time triggered emails based on sports scores and sporting event outcomes across four major leagues.

STATS provides the data for the sports component of Yes Lifecycle Marketing's new Trigger Intelligence technology, which was launched last month. Trigger Intelligence allows Yes Lifecycle Marketing clients to send triggered emails based on relevant weather conditions and sporting events. Trigger Intelligence integrates sports technology via STATS to provide real-time updates on all major league sporting events in North America, including NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, the first technology of its kind to do so.

“Partnering with Yes Lifecycle Marketing to be part of creating this unique technology made perfect sense to us,” said Greg Kirkorsky, executive vice president, Global Sales and Marketing, STATS. “The combination of our sports data with Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s advanced email trigger intelligence creates a powerful tool for marketers to offer contextually relevant interactions with their customers.”

Brands can create campaigns and define triggers based on timing, or outcome, or points of a game, in advance. Once the pre-defined criteria are met, an email is automatically deployed to a given list or geographic area. Trigger Intelligence – Sports allows marketers to set triggers based on the following:

  • Time/Duration – Marketers can deploy emails at a given point in the game, such as kickoff or halftime.
  • Outcome/Win-Loss – Marketers can send localized emails when the home team reaches a particular score or is ahead.
  • Points/Events – Marketers can send emails in response to points or events happening on the field, such as a batter breaking a home run record.

According to Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s recent Email Marketing Compass report, trigger emails are opened 2.5 times as much as general emails from brands, and clicked twice as often. Consumers are becoming more selective in their email habits.  Therefore, marketers need to become more strategic in their email communications with their customers.

“Trigger Intelligence gives marketers the ability to deliver relevant, timely content and reach sports fans during an emotionally charged time,” said Michael Fisher, president, Yes Lifecycle Marketing. “Through triggered emails, marketers can seamlessly integrate their product or brand into a fan’s celebration, while delivering content that meets the fan’s needs.”

 For more information about Trigger Intelligence and the STATS partnership, click here.

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