Report: Failure to Implement a Comprehensive Triggered Email Program Leads to Missed Sales, Engagement

Analysis from Yes Lifecycle Marketing finds that milestone, remarketing triggers drive six times the number of purchases over the most frequently used triggered campaigns

CHICAGO (July 27, 2016) – Milestone and remarketing triggered emails lead to 600 percent more purchases than the most common trigger campaign - welcome emails, according to new data from Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

Using data from 24 billion emails deployed via its cross-channel marketing and analytics platform, Yesmail360, Yes Lifecycle Marketing analyzed open rates, conversions, revenue and more from a dozen types of triggered campaigns, including milestone (birthday and anniversary), remarketing (abandoned cart and browse abandon) and welcome emails. “The Ultimate Email Trigger Report: 12 Triggers that Boost Revenue” revealed that brands aren’t using triggered campaigns to their full advantage. Nearly three-quarters of brands (72 percent) are deploying welcome emails, which generate a 2 percent conversion rate on average. Meanwhile, only 4 percent of brands send anniversary triggers despite their 12 percent conversion rate, even though they are typically powered by the same data as welcome campaigns.

“While it’s encouraging to see that most marketers are sending some triggered campaigns such as welcome emails, the engagement and conversion data indicates that they are not using triggers to their full advantage,” said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. “In order to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities presented by triggered emails, brands should develop a more comprehensive trigger program that includes a wider variety of messages that cater to consumers at each stage of their lifecycle.”

According to Fisher, the types of triggered campaigns that reap the greatest rewards are within marketers’ reach since many of these messages are powered by data that’s readily available.

Remarketing triggers are another example of a high-performing, yet underutilized, type of message, according to the report. Under the remarketing umbrella, abandoned cart emails generate a 13 percent conversion rate, yet only one in five brands use them. Similarly, only 5 percent of marketers implement browse abandon campaigns — another type of remarketing message informed by a consumer’s browse behavior — despite a 6.4 percent conversion rate. This is triple the rate of welcome emails.

While remarketing campaigns outperform welcome emails in terms of conversions, they are comparable in terms of engagement. Welcome emails boast a 30 percent open rate, just behind the open rates of abandoned cart and browse abandon emails, at 33.7 percent and 31.6 percent respectively.

“The engagement rates generated by welcome emails demonstrate that even the simplest triggered messages can be effective tools for communicating with customers,” said Michael Iaccarino, CEO and chairman of Infogroup, parent company of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. “These types of campaigns generate significant conversions and are easy to implement, but it’s up to marketers to choose the right technology and service partner that enables them to optimize triggers and capitalize on their substantial revenue potential.”

Additional findings include:

  • Activation triggers generate over four times the unique click rates and 3.5 times the click-to-open (CTO) rate of base communications.
  • Product return emails generate a high conversion rate of 7.6 percent.
  • Almost a third of brands implement reactivation emails, and these have a conversion rate of 10.8 percent.

To learn more about triggered email campaigns, download “The Ultimate Email Trigger Report: 12 Triggers that Boost Revenue” here.

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