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Proximity Canada Selects Yesmail Interactive for its Market Intelligence Platform

Yesmail Interactive to Provide In-Depth Competitive Intelligence that Enhances Digital Marketing Strategies

(PORTLAND, OR) – January 29, 2013 - Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company which powers intelligent customer interactions, announced today that Proximity Canada has selected Yesmail for its digital competitive intelligence and email marketing platform.

The Yesmail Market Intelligence platform will provide Proximity with an enterprise-class, digital intelligence tool that gives their clients a real-time landscape to interact with consumers more effectively over multiple channels. This includes email and social channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  By leveraging Yesmail’s email marketing platform, Proximity will enable their clients to build smart, sophisticated and engaging marketing campaigns based on actionable insights derived from this digital intelligence.

“Optimizing the existing communications plans of our clients by giving them competitive insights they can act upon is another way we are strengthening our position as a leading CRM and digital Agency in Canada,” said Jacob Ciesielski, Vice President, CRM Data Integration and Technology, Proximity Canada. “Working with Yesmail, we can give our clients the analytical and communications planning support they need to enhance their internal resources and increase their campaign success.”

By utilizing Yesmail’s technology, Proximity will be able to grow their professional services offerings with the insight, strategy, expertise and capability necessary to ensure their clients improve the effectiveness of their marketing and show positive ROI faster.

"Proximity’s use of the Yesmail Market Intelligence platform will further differentiate its client services and deliver superior results in a very complex, multichannel, multi-device, consumer-driven environment,” said Matt Gault, VP Channel Strategy, Yesmail Interactive.  “We look forward to working with Proximity, as well as other Omnicom agencies, to strengthen their digital channel offerings.”

Yesmail Interactive makes it easier for agencies to exceed client expectations with its technology and suite of real-time analytics and reports. Agencies are able to incorporate effective data-driven strategies into their clients’ marketing tactics to give them the competitive edge and grow the relationship. Yesmail’s cross-channel capabilities and intuitive interface help agencies effectively create powerful campaigns that integrate social, mobile and web marketing to generate impressive results.

“Yesmail Interactive and Proximity both maintain high standards of bringing consumers closer to brands,” said Michael Fisher, President, Yesmail Interactive. Proximity is an agency with a long history of providing strategic and creative services to their clients that yield positive results. They have the resources and expertise to take our platforms and extend them globally, while uniquely utilizing them to enable their clients to meet and exceed financial goals.”

About Proximity
Proximity Canada is part of Proximity Worldwide, the most awarded digital, direct and CRM agency global network with 67 offices in 50+ countries and over 2,500 staff. We leverage data and consumer insights to make brands more valuable to people and people more valuable to brands. Visit www.proximity.ca for more information.

About Yesmail Interactive
We power intelligent customer interactions. We give you the insights to recognize and understand your customer to deliver contextually relevant digital communications- while respecting their preferences and privacy. We help marketers evolve their customer relationships through intelligent interactions via technology, insights and services in a near real time multi-channel environment. We help you compete in the age of the customer. For more information, call 1-877-YESMAIL or visit www.yesmail.com.

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