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The web channel and all its components – preference centers, registration pages, web analytics, display, and retargeting – should be a major part of any cross-channel marketing program. Yes Marketing offers solutions that enable you to create, integrate, and manage your web marketing strategy and all its components.

Preference Centers and Registration Pages

We practice (and preach) what we call Next Generation preference centers and registration pages. They boast advanced functionalities like stepped questions, interstitial windows, and on-screen validation, which increase sign-ups while dramatically reducing page abandonment.

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Check out our preference center lookbook for real-world applications of effective web practices.

Display & Display Retargeting

With the help of our marketing applications and services you can select creative for your display campaigns, define when in the customer journey it should deploy, and create a standard or custom target audience to receive the campaign. Take it a step further and execute a retargeting campaign based on subscriber interaction, from a single platform and in a single environment.

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