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Yesmail360i is our revolutionary cross-channel marketing communications platform which brings together real-time technology, data, actionable analytics, as well as campaign planning and execution. These capabilities enable you to continually improve your marketing communications to drive results and revenue.


Personalization is one of the biggest factors in customer engagement. With Yesmail360i you can personalize, test, and improve the customer experience by using dynamic content blocks, customizable content libraries, and real-time personalization tactics like countdown timers, polls, web scrapes, and more.


Advanced Segmentation

Yesmail360i makes big data seem small through its lightning speed and advanced data model that allows you to explore and cross-tab any available consumer data points. Across a variety of channels, you can target high-value customers, lapsed subscribers, active social media contributors, regular in-store purchasers, or any cross-section of consumers that piques your interest.


Campaign Planning

The intuitive interface of Yesmail360i allows you to group different touchpoints across any channel that’s part of your marketing mix; this means you can build beginning-to-end cross-channel campaigns not only in a single platform, but from a single screen. With Yesmail360i you can also create conditional workflows based on each consumer’s preferred communication channel, thus eliminating the need for multiple deployment tools. 

Actionable Analytics

Yesmail360i sets an industry standard for speed by processing millions of rows of data per second. This means you can segment, mine, cross-reference, and overlay customer data in seconds. It also means you can see in real-time how the size of your audience changes as you select different customer data or attributes. 


Reporting for Yesmail360i spans across all channels you manage through the platform – SMS, push, email, display, web, and social. From click maps, through forward to a friend and customer history reports to social media performance, SMS and push read reports, all reporting is integrated in Yesmail360i.

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