Solutions: Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence enables you to track, view, and analyze your competitors’ digital campaigns across SIX major digital channels which means you can easily identify successful campaign themes and offers from top competitors, track historic performance, measure daily growth of social following and much more.

Competitive intelligence at your fingertips

How do you stack up?

Market Intelligence provides comprehensive engagement metrics for six digital channels that help you:

  • Track competitors’ email performance metrics like detailed inboxing, bulking, and open rates

  • Identify most engaging type of content for social campaigns

  • Develop counter initiatives based on your competitors’ offers and promotions

The ability to track and assess our competitors’ efforts is vital for the success of our digital campaigns. Market Intelligence is quick, simple, and self-explanatory, and delivers on all of our competitive reporting needs."

Vise President & General Manager

Mrs. Fields


Reports you don't have to work for

Templated, easy, to-the-point

The Predefined Report Templates within Market Intelligence allow you to choose from a variety of preloaded reports that provide insight into key competitive strategy components like preferred day and time for campaign deployment. In addition, the reports instantly identify areas of opportunity such as a competitor’s issues with inboxing.

Insights that drive strategy

Anything they can do, you can do better

The variety of features and built-in reporting options within Market Intelligence help you identify successful campaign themes, types, and offers, track historic ca3mpaign performance, measure daily growth of competitors’ social following and much more. Those metrics can play an integral role in developing new email, social, and web strategies that drive engagement and ROI.

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