Solutions: Customer Generator

Our customer acquisition tool, Customer Generator, offers rich attribution tracking of campaign engagement metrics, social shares, and generated revenue that a specific consumer drives for the brand as a result of sharing anemail on social.  

Key Benefits

  • Organic subscriber acquisition

  • Detailed engagement tracking

  • Low-cost, low-risk

  • Ability to identify brand advocates

Organic Subscriber Acquisition


With Customer Generator you can expand the reach of your email campaigns beyond your subscribers. With a click of a button, campaign recipients can share your emails with their networks on a number of social channels. Customer Generator tracks each ‘share’, campaign click, new subscriber and purchase resulting from the message.

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Social Campaign ROI


Measurement is key for determining campaign success and social media has long been a challenge in this department. Customer Generator tracks opens, ‘shares’, revenue, and number of new subscribers and attributes it back to the original email campaign that has been posted on social, thus providing measurable success metrics and determining each campaign’s ROI.

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Brand Advocates

Defined & Retained

Customer Generator helps you identify your brand advocates – the subscribers who share your content on their social networks. The tool also tracks the engagement and revenue each ‘share’ generates, allowing you to develop campaigns that target your most valuable subscribers and incentivize social sharing. This, in turn, generates digital word-of-mouth and drives organic subscriber growth. 

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