Channel | Email

The Yesmail360i platform enables you to develop and implement lifecycle email marketing programs designed to engage your audience, move them along each lifecycle stage, and ultimately drive revenue.


From a single screen and in real time, create a cross-channel map of the customer journey, complete with the ability to select different creatives for each path, create conditional workflows and run integrated tests for each channel.

Triggered Campaigns

Develop, execute, and automate complex email triggers driven by cross-channel data spanning web, purchase, social, weather, sports, display, and more.


Make basic A/B testing and sophisticated multivariate tests effortless by incorporating them into the customer journey at the campaign planning stage.

Dynamic Content

Use Yesmail360i’s email content management capabilities to easily and efficiently find, organize, and integrate dynamic content blocks into your campaigns.

Reporting & Analytics

Enhance your customer connections with in-platform access to complex analysis, business intelligence, and benchmarking.


Accurately measure email inboxing and email rendering and partner with a dedicated deliverability expert to proactively develop deliverability strategies through a partnership.

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