Database Technologies

We are your trusted advisors when it comes to deploying a database solution that integrates data from every available online and offline source; we design, deploy and support marketing databases on many technologies based on your unique requirements:

  • On premise or in the cloud

  • Relational or Big Data open source

  • Batch or real-time/streaming

Built to Scale

Build it once, use it as you evolve

Our solutions are deployed quickly, designed to cater to your specific requirements and engineered to provide data foundations that truly meet your needs as your company and customer base grow. We host and manage hundreds of databases that range from several hundred thousand to over 250 million customers.


Data is the most valuable currency

We apply user access security and encryption at all levels of the platforms we provide. We also have rigorous security protocols that provide a system of checks and balances and consistent security testing to keep data safe.


Data laws are the new norm

Regulations like the GDPR and HIPAA are increasingly common. As we deploy and manage your solution, our team will ensure it adheres to best practices and complies with both new and existing data protection laws and regulations.


Your data, your rules

Whether they’re B2C or B2B, domestic or international, customer or prospect or all of the above, our solutions are built to provide full access to your data. To achieve this, we offer a number of native & third party marketing applications for comprehensive campaign management, reporting, analytics, ad targeting and content creation that address any marketing needs.

Our database technologies are designed to help you get to know your customers through a single record of truth along all your data sources. Take a look at this webinar to find out more.

Why you should trust us

In a nutshell: our experience

We have a wealth of experience with providing database solutions. Our philosophy is to provide a deep level of customer support and technical expertise and pair them with our other core competencies: Master Data Management, data processing, identity resolution as well as statistical and predictive modeling. This approach enables you, our customer, to make your data truly actionable.

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