We’re dedicated to providing solutions that help you get consumers to “YES” at each stage of their lifecycle journey. Through a combination of robust technologies and access to unmatched data assets, we’re here to assist you in planning, developing, executing, measuring and continuously improving your marketing programs across channels.  

Database Technologies

Built to support you now and as you grow 

You’re unique, your customers are unique and the technology that serves you should follow suit. First, we listen; then we deploy custom solutions that cater to your needs, goals, growth objectives and audience. We give you a flexible data foundation that can support your brand and the ever-changing needs of your consumers as you evolve.

Marketing Applications

Flawless cross-channel execution

We know that the right technology can define the reach, sophistication and flexibility of your cross-channel marketing initiatives. That’s why we invest heavily in our native applications and in our partnerships with other best-in-class providers. Whether you’re looking to reach your audience through email, social, direct mail or an integrated, cross-channel initiative, our marketing applications are here to support you.

Real-Time APIs 

Up-to-date customer data at your fingertips

You need reliable and adaptable APIs in order to seamlessly transfer data between various sources and platforms. This allows for real-time response and personalization informed by up-to-date customer data which empowers you to deliver engaging cross-channel campaigns that transform consumers into advocates. 

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