Spartan - Webby Submission 2018


For contestants, the Spartan Race is more than a competition, it’s a way of life. Spartan created the Spartan Life newsletter to feed a legion of race enthusiasts and serial competitors who are hungry for content to help them succeed. The monthly email is a crucial touchpoint with fans and provides racers with inspirational stories from fellow Spartan athletes, training and nutrition tips, strategies for races, mind and body wellness guidance, gear recommendations and ways to connect on social media. 

Competitors see a personalized panel that includes their Spartan Race statistics and a scoreboard of recent race results to see how other competitors are performing. The newsletters have achieved a 40% higher unique open rate than the company’s average open rate across all deployments and they provide a steady stream of interactive content to help Spartan connect with their customers and to encourage athletes to live their best Spartan Life.