Thank you for going above and beyond technology

And selecting a true partner vested in your success

As your technology implementation team, we’re dedicated to making the migration process to our solutions as painless as possible from day one through our disciplined launch approach that includes:

Detailed business requirements collection to understand your unique needs
​Streamlined team-to-team communication throughout the build process
Hands-on training prior to your first deployment

Complete migration of your program down to the smallest detail
Comprehensive solution documentation
Deliverability assistance to warm up your new IPs and establish a strong sender reputation



With us, you get expertise, leadership, accountability and a guarantee that we’ll adapt to your every need during the launch and integration process with the help of a dedicated lead, comprehensive data overview, our team of experts and expectation management.

A Dedicated Lead

The MVP of your new platform launch

From detailed data requirements to proactive deliverability recommendations, there is a lot to keep track of. Your dedicated implementation lead is the manager of the entire process; she sets the priority of tasks and deadlines and coordinates with your teams and ours to ensure we hit our collaborative goals while building a solution that addresses all of your current and future business needs.

Comprehensive Data Overview

We learn your current setup to take your new one to new heights

It's easy enough to recreate your data structure and program setup, but that’s likely not the goal of moving to a new platform. To build efficient processes, ensure data integrity and uncover additional data points that can improve your marketing programs, we perform a detailed data discovery and create a visual diagram of all your current data sources.

A Team of Experts

To guide you every step of the way

We do technology implementation because we believe in finding shortcuts to improve your setup, process and program. We’ve successfully delivered new solutions with only a handful of weeks to transition, limited technical resources and no record of previous setups. We’re here to ask questions you didn't know you needed to answer and recommend achievable solutions that deliver on your expectations. 

Expectation Management

Flexibility and transparency are the key to our approach

We understand the marketing and technology impact of every deliverable in your launch timeline. Requirements will change and priorities will shift, but you can always trust that we’ll be ready to adapt to changes and lead you through a successful implementation.

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