Data is one of your most valuable assets. Our seasoned analysts are here to help you take advantage of it by gaining unmatched insights into your audience, identifying untapped revenue and engagement opportunities, and measuring results.

Access to Rich Data Sources and the Know-How to Use It

We’ll get you from data to insights to action…quickly

We integrate your behavioral and transactional data with our first party consumer and business data to develop insights that can immediately improve brand awareness, customer acquisition, conversion, and loyalty. With direct access to Infogroup’s renowned data assets (which cover more than 235 million consumers and 25 million businesses), we produce actionable insights quickly, while competitors have to deal with time consuming data logistics.

Identify the Right Opportunities

Through custom data analysis that leads to high-impact marketing initiatives

We utilize practical approaches to segmentation, value and attrition analysis to answer the questions that matter most to you. We’ve found millions of dollars of growth opportunities for several clients representing a broad variety of industries.

Why has revenue increased or declined year-over-year?
How should you define and describe growth opportunities?
How much value does each opportunity represent and which ones should be your top priority?

Sieze Those Opportunities

Through statistical analysis and models that drive marketing efficiency

We build predictive models to help drive decisions about delivery channels, number of touches, and timing. We’ve saved clients millions in what would otherwise have been excessive marketing spend. 

Acquisition models
to target the most lucrative prospects and acquire ideal customers
Response Models
to maximize marketing ROI
Retention models
to help deploy and target the right loyalty initiatives at the optimal time

Measure & Improve Performance Over Time

Through experimental design and reporting

We will measure the impact of existing marketing initiatives, find out what’s working and what isn’t, and work with our marketing strategists to enhance your communications programs and practices. We offer:

  • Experimental design and testing solutions

  • Match-back and attribution solutions

  • Reporting solutions

  • Insights-driven recommendations

Let’s Connect!

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