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Retail Survey: Mobile marketing to get biggest share of budget, at the expense of brick-and-mortar

With tight budgets and new advances in marketing technology, it is imperative for retailers to get the mix right when it comes to investing their marketing dollars.  Consumers now manage the relationship, and it is up to the brand to create a customer-centric experience.

In Q4 of 2013, Yes Marketing reached out to over 100 top retail marketing executives in the United States. We surveyed them on things like: the importance of mobile POS systems, current and future budget allocation, online and offline data compilation, and a host of other in-depth marketing questions.

Download the findings today to learn:

  • How retailers plan to align mobile and in-store experiences
  • Where are retailers currently investing in marketing technology, and where do they plan to invest?
  • Where will retailers see the largest expected revenues? In-store? Mobile? Web?