Thought Leadership

Think Mobile-First: Tailoring Email Marketing to On-the-Go Consumers

Smartphones, home to more than a third of our daily media interactions, are like a 21st century Swiss army knife. They’re single tools that serve various functions such as planning, entertainment, and communication—all activities that can start and end with email.

As mobile email has become the #1 smartphone app, marketers have tried to adapt to this evolution in consumer preference. While many efforts focused on adopting mobile email design techniques, this new whitepaper sheds light on the importance of thinking mobile-first when it comes to strategy.

Download the whitepaper today to learn how to:

  • Build trust and answer “what’s in it for me?” from the start of a mobile email
  • Encourage customer engagement and generate revenue through mobile-relevant calls-to-action
  • Measure mobile email success through specific key performance indicators (KPIs)