Thought Leadership

From Acquisition to Advocacy: Discovering the Value of Lifecycle Marketing

Marketers continue to have challenges when it comes to developing cohesive digital and multichannel strategies to meet the demand of a fully-aligned customer experience. Most marketers integrate just two data sources or systems to their email marketing solution, driving marketers to miss segmentation opportunities, as just half are using one type of data to drive segmentation and customer relevancy.

However, by implementing a Lifecycle Sophistication Ladder marketers can improve customer acquisition and convert subscribers into advocates through a cohesive multichannel customer experience. 

Download this comprehensive study recently conducted by The Relevancy Group to learn the five steps to the Lifecycle Marketing Sophistication Ladder:

  1. Data – Including: Integration, Hygiene, Householding, Value, Enrichment
  2. Segment – Including: Traditional, RFM Purchase, Past Behavior, Event Driven, Look-alikes
  3. Content – Including: Personalized, Dynamic, Responsive, Context, Managed
  4. Coordinate – Including: Organization, Goal-Based, Frequency, Lifecycle, Automation
  5. Measure – Including: Testing, Dashboard, Alerts, Attribution, Intelligence