Thought Leadership

The 2016 Channel Report - Back to Basics: Retailers Are Not Ready for Cross-Channel Integration

While it's projected that in 2016 global email users will reach 2.7 billion and over 215 billion emails will be sent and received per day, a recent Yes Marketing survey of almost 200 attendees at the 2015 conference found that retailers are not harnessing the power of this effective channel. In this report based on the survey findings, we uncover the disconnect between what retailers want to accomplish and what they can accomplish in their digital marketing programs, and identify opportunities for cross-channel integration.

Download the report and re-evaluate your 2016 marketing goals, based on telling survey implications like:

  • 64% of brands do not personalize email copy, and over two-thirds do not use customer data to personalize the products and services featured in brand emails.
  • 60% of retailers are integrating email with social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, but just 36% use social media to improve the relevance of their email campaigns.
  • Almost half of retailers do not collect email addresses via social media or in-store, and over two-thirds of retailers do not collect consumers’ email addresses when they interact with the brand's mobile app.