Thought Leadership

Sticky Content: The ‘Sell, Sell, Fun’ Approach to Email Marketing

In this webinar, Matt Caldwell, SVP, Creative Services, will review how using sticky content is a ‘sell, sell, fun’ approach to email marketing—complementing product information with valuable content. Using real-world examples, he’ll show how incorporating interesting editorial content in your emails adds value to your communications and persuades subscribers to open messages over and over until they’re ready to convert. Attend the presentation and learn the different types of bite-sized content you can incorporate in marketing emails to drive engagement, such as: 

  • Word of the Day 
  • Buzz Watch 
  • Historical pieces 
  • Lifestyle 

By the end of the webinar, you’ll also understand how developing an email master template and building out a content library can help streamline email design and copywriting. What are you waiting for?