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Preparing for GDPR

If you are feeling overwhelmed by GDPR, you are not alone. It is a complex law that addresses a wide variety of topics that most marketers have not had to think about in the past. We brought together the best of what we have learned through consulting with Big Four consulting firms and law firms that specialize in GDPR, as well as talking to industry experts. This resource page will help you understand the key aspects of this new regulation and give you access to materials that will help you move toward compliance.* 
  • Data Privacy Compliance

    Use this questionnaire to help you assess your level of compliance with GDPR and other key data protection legislation.


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    A comprehensive FAQ covering key aspects of GDPR relevant for marketers.


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  • GDPR Q&A

    Read this to-the-point Q&A on GDPR based on the most common questions we've received from clients.


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  • Webinar: Getting Ready for GDPR

    View this recorded webinar to understand what GDPR means for you and how you can prepare.


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  • Blog: Effects of GDPR on Email Marketing

    See 15 critical tips to help meet the new GDPR requirements.


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*This guide is designed to provide a basic level of understanding of GDPR and highlight key areas we think are most critical to our clients. This is not legal advice. All marketers should consult their legal council to address their unique needs and compliance requirements. As some aspects of the law are clarified or amended our position on some elements are subject to change without notification.

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