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Yes Marketing Email Marketing Compass: Q3 2015: The Year of the Smartphone

Smartphones are literally paying off for email marketers in 2015. Not only are mobile orders up year-over-year(YoY), but revenue generated from smartphones is growing substantially and the average order size for email-driven purchases continues to rise. In this report, we share how the gap between mobile click-to-opens (CTO) and desktop CTO is steadily closing. Mobile is also driving consistent annual growth in revenue, while desktop revenue growth slumps. Findings include:

  • The gap between mobile CTO and desktop CTO continues to close. Desktop CTO is down 17.2% YoY, while mobile CTO increased by 13.4% YoY.
  • Mobile revenue is up 9.9% YoY, with smartphones driving 56.6% of all mobile revenue.
  • More consumers are making purchases on smartphones than ever before. iPhones generated 13.1% more revenue Quarter-over-Quarter (QoQ) and 46% YoY.