Thought Leadership

Subject Line Benchmarks

How Length and Personalization Impact Email Performance Across Message Type and Industry

Based on an analysis of more than 7 billion emails sent in Q2 2017, this report dives into how various subject line components can impact email performance. Major areas of focus include subject line length, industry (retail, technology, CPG, consumer services), personalization (first name, other), and message type (welcome, reactivation, abandoned cart, browse abandon). Key findings include:

  • Subject lines between 1 and 20 characters generated a 31% higher open rate than the average for all emails sent in Q2 of 2017.
  • Personalized subject lines (like those including a recipient’s name or purchased/browsed items) generated 50% higher open rates, 58% higher click-to-open rates (CTO) and almost 2.5 times the unique click rates of subject lines without personalization.
  • Subject line length impacted open rates most significantly for the retail and technology industries.