Enhance your Q4 marketing efforts this holiday season with our collection of valuable insights and strategies in 4 major areas : Campaign Strategy, Content Design, Cross-channel Marketing, Subscriber Acquisition & Reactivation.


A well-planned cross-channel  campaign can deliver massive financial gains from the holiday season. Get cross-channel tips and best practices applicable for the holidays.

[WHITEPAPER] Engagement and Deliverability for Holiday-Themed Emails:

To help brands plan successful fourth quarter campaigns, Yes Lifecycle Marketing analyzed key email metrics from top retailers over Q3 and Q4 of 2015 and 2014. Our analysis revealed some surprising insights that can help marketers capitalize on consumer and industry trends for the 2016 holiday season.


[WHITEPAPER] Email Personalization Guide - The What, Why, and How of Demographic Segmentation

With all the talk about big data, marketers need to act on the abundance of consumer insights right under their noses to deliver a completely personalized email marketing experience. To help brands optimize their Q4 campaigns, we share step-by-step strategies for personalizing emails based on 7 key demographic attributes like age, gender, and marital status.


[BENCHMARK REPORT] Yesmail Q4 2015 Email Marketing Benchmarks

Based on Yesmail’s Q4 2015 benchmark data, brands that have fully embraced responsive design saw 24% more clicks coming from mobile than those that have not employed responsive design. As consumers get more comfortable clicking through emails and completing purchases on their small screens, get tips on incorporating responsive design and simplifying the path to purchase to increase mobile conversions during the 2016 holiday season. 

[REPORT] The Ultimate Email Trigger Report: 12 Triggers That Boost Revenue

In this report, based on 24 billion emails deployed in 2015, we identify 12 distinct types of triggered campaigns, analyze their performance, and provide recommendations for optimizing them. Review the engagement and ROI of each trigger type and learn how to develop them in time for the holidays.


Get inspired by attention-grabbing designs and content tips that speak to your audience throughout the highly competitive fourth quarter and beyond.

[Lookbook] Email Design Lookbook

View effective creative examples from over 15 different brands. Find out how a strong focus on three major areas have helped these designs drive engagement and get a detailed breakdown of successful email tactics applicable for the holidays.

[WHITEPAPER] Seasonal Planning that Sizzles: Creating a Customer-Centric Marketing Calendar​

Seasonal factors like holidays, weather, and cultural events have a big impact on customer behavior and brand revenue. To help brands wow customers into action, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to creating a seasonal customer-centric marketing calendar applicable to Q4 and into 2017. Get ideas on key energy moments, campaign examples, and 4 success stories from top brands that increased engagement via seasonally relevant campaigns. 

[ASK-OUR-EXPERTS] Using Dynamic Content to Recommend the Next Action Customers Should Take

Dynamic recommendations are highly relevant marketing communications that suggest the next action customers or prospective customers should take based on insights such as demographics or browse and purchase history. The enhanced relevance of dynamic recommendations encourage incremental and repeat purchases, making them an ideal tactic for retailers to craft targeted holiday campaigns that better meet consumers' preferences. 

[BLOG] 5 Strategies to Improve Subject Lines and Increase Email Open Rates

The subject line is one of the most important components of your entire email. It is the first thing your recipients see in their inbox and will likely determine if they engage. With the increased volume of emails that typically define Q4, bad subject lines can make or break your holiday campaigns. For a quick refresher on subject line best practices, check out this blog to get 5 strategies to increase open rates and lead your customers down a path of engagement.


Online strategies to develop programs that bridge the gap between online and in-store experience, ensuring your holiday message is clear and consistent across multiple channels.

[WHITEPAPER] Eight Online Retail Strategies to Implement Before Q4

To help retailers develop programs that resonate with digital consumers this holiday season, we’ve identified EIGHT innovative strategies to cater to consumers’ shift to digital. First uncover the telling metrics behind the growing digital trend, then learn strategies to bridge the gap between online and in-store customer experience and boost holiday sales. 

[BLOG] 3 Tips for Retailers to Conquer the 2016 Holiday Season and Beyond

As we know from last year the trend in spending is shifting online during major holidays in 2015, which means retailers need to take charge of the digital wave before they drown in it. It’s no longer as simple as a website refresh. Retailers need to evolve their purchase process in ways that make products accessible, selection plentiful, and the buyer experience unique, quick, and to-the-point. Read this blog to get 3 tips to move on ASAP before the holiday season begins. 

[BLOG] Take 2: Marriott Rewards’ 2015 Year-in-Review Campaign Capitalizing on Past Success, Expanding Reach, & Inspiring Engagement

Given the success of Marriott Rewards’ 2014 Year-in-Review campaign, the team at Yes Lifecycle Marketing recognized the opportunity in replicating the elements that worked particularly well in 2014 and expanding upon them for the 2015 campaign. The 2015 campaign included additional channels such as Marriott Rewards’ Traveler – a website with Marriott-curated travel content – and Marriott Insiders – an online community of Marriott Rewards members where they share travel experience, tips, and more. Find out how the 2015 edition helped Marriott Rewards drive engagement in Q4. 


Optimize your chances to convert as many consumers as possible by applying these low-cost acquisition & retention strategies to effectively grow your subscriber base before the holidays. 

[BLOG] 3 Low Cost Acquisition Strategies

New subscriber acquisition is often a measurement of success for email programs so marketers are regularly urged to grow their subscriber bases. Read this blog to learn how to quickly and effectively gain new subscribers just in time for the holiday rush. Get tips on using social media, point-of-sale, and more to expand your reach and yield great results during the most lucrative time of the year. 

[BLOG] 4 Steps to Creating a Cross-Channel Win Back Strategy

While marketers sometimes use the terms ‘win back’ and ‘reactivation’ interchangeably, a win back strategy targets recent lapsed buyers and aims to propel them to buy again. Reactivation strategies aim to re-engage recent and long-term lapsed buyers, as well as recent and long-term inactive subscribers. As opposed to acquring new customers, creating a cross-channel win back strategy in advance of the upcoming holiday season is much more cost-effective and can save marketers valuable marketing dollars. Read on to learn how to craft a robust cross-chanel win back strategy.