Data Hygiene

Data hygiene is the most effective way to ensure optimal inboxing rates and maintain a clean database. Our tool, Data Hygiene Intelligence, is a best-in-class solution that enables you to verify subscribers’ email addresses both in real-time and by analyzing your existing subscriber list.

Poor Inboxing Means Poor Email Revenue

Clean your email data

Good deliverability and positive sender reputation have become a priority for marketers because deliverability issues can cause significant revenue loss. The most effective way to ensure optimal deliverability is to start with a clean email list. This reduces the likelihood of Spamhaus blacklisting, major ISP blocking, or excessive bounce rates.

Accurate Subscriber Data

The MVP of an effective email program

Nothing derails a marketer’s email program faster than inaccurate data. Incorrectly entered emails, 3rd party lists, data appends, and outdated records can compromise the accuracy of your data. Data Hygiene Intelligence helps you through a two-pronged approach:

  • Clean Existing Database: it identifies faulty email addresses in your subscriber base thus protecting your sender reputation and inboxing rates.
  • Verify New Database Entries in Real-Time: it validates subscribers’ email addresses as they are opting into your email program, ensuring data integrity and a clean opt-in process.

Key Uses for Hygiene Intelligence

At the Subscriber Acquisition Stage
By incorporating real-time email verification in web registration forms or other point of email collection, you can automatically validate all incoming data and avoid populating subscriber lists with faulty records.
As Part of Your Pre-Deployment Strategy
Before deploying your first email, use our tool to validate the email addresses in your database and remove invalid or questionable ones. This will help eliminate inaccurate data resulting from manual entry.
For On-going Data Hygiene
Run your subscriber list through Data Hygiene Intelligence weekly or monthly to remove any emails or domains that were closed down or became invalid. Regular hygiene means your data remains clean.

In Reactivation Campaigns
Instead of writing off subscribers who haven’t engaged, use Data Hygiene Intelligence to verify their data and deploy reactivation programs to re-engage valid subscribers.
In Acquisition Campaigns
Growing your audience can involve risky 3rd party email lists that cause deliverability issues and hinder sender reputation. Minimize those risks by verifying 3rd party data and sending only to valid addresses.
During On-Boarding
Migrating to a new ESP or MSP is the perfect time to clean up your email data and ensure that questionable and potentially problematic email addresses do not migrate from one provider to the next.

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