‘Consumer data’ can be a broad term and we say the broader the better. Our data includes over 300 unique attributes, spans 292 million consumers, 174 million households and 16 million businesses. So if you want to learn more about your consumers and how to engage them, we know where to start.

Power the Customer Journey

From acquisition to lifetime loyalty

Each stage of the consumer journey is powered by unique consumer experiences which are, in turn, powered by data – data about consumers’ preferences, interests, demographic makeup, past behavior and much more. We can help you deliver truly personalized and relevant experiences across each stage of the consumer journey through our best-in-class data assets that can be integrated into our platforms or appended to your file.

Data that's Best-In-Class

When it comes to quality and accuracy

Powered by Infogroup’s proprietary compilation, verification, and data quality processing, our data assets are among the most reliable, accurate, and comprehensive in the industry. We invest over $20 million annually to ensure data quality, making more than 24 million phone calls each year to verify our business file. The result is robust, accurate data unparalleled in the industry.

Over Four Decades of Experience in Data Collection

Including crawling, mining, semantic extraction, and crowdsourcing

Let us help you use this unparalleled breadth of data to execute campaigns with laser accuracy across a variety of channels including direct mail, display, social media, email, addressable TV and more.

Data access that offers limitless opportunities...

  • Over 1,500 unique B2B and B2C targetable audiences

  • Access to over 16 billion data points 

  • Across 292 million consumers

  • ..and more than 16 million businesses

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