Data is at the core of a successful marketing program. That's why we specialize in building world-class data foundations that incorporate zero, first, second and third-party data that empower you to get to know your audience, help you identify the best prospects to grow it and deliver personalized customer experiences that translate into revenue.

How we can help

By building smart data solutions

Our solutions include: data hygiene, customer data acquisition, and data enhancement. They allow you to get to know your audience and translate that knowledge into new customer acquisition, better conversion, better deliverability and less customer attrition.

Data Assets

Target consumers across online and offline channels with best-in-class consumer data

With over 300 unique data attributes spanning 292 million consumers, 174 million households and 16 million businesses, we make it possible to deeply personalize every consumer touchpoint in their journey from acquisition to lifetime loyalty.

See our data in action:

Data Acquisition

Growing your audience

Finding new customers organically is a challenge. Luckily, we have best-in-class tools that can help you mobilize your existing audience, identify your most loyal segments and mobilize them to grow brand awareness and drive new membership.

Data Hygiene

Clean data is the foundation of success 

Without it, your email or direct mail campaigns won’t reach your audience, which means zero chance of conversion. Data hygiene practices instantly improve marketing ROI and increase revenue. 

Data Enhancement

Painting an accurate picture of your audience

You need more than a first name and email or mailing address to move consumers from awareness and consideration to purchase and loyalty. In order to engage them at every stage of their lifecycle, you need to get to know them – from their location and demographic makeup to their attitudes and interests.