Makes Marketing Communications More Digestible

Makes Marketing Communications More Digestible

Major retailer with in-store and online presence

Makes Marketing Communications More Digestible

Major retailer with in-store and online presence
Key Solution Areas: 
email marketing strategy, responsive master template system
42.3% increase in email opens | 69.7% boost in unique clicks | 19.3% higher click-to-open rate


With more than 1000 stores across the United States—in rural, suburban, and urban neighborhoods—this leading supermarket chain provides high-quality products at bargain prices to nearly five million shoppers every week. The supermarket’s mission is to be customer-centric, and the store aims to help shoppers live richer lives by saving them time and money. This focus on the customer experience and delivering value permeates throughout the supermarket’s approach to marketing.


The supermarket relies heavily on email to build and maintain relationships with members of its loyalty program. When the grocery chain wanted to use email to boost member engagement and in-store traffic, it turned to Yes Marketing to:

  1. Redesign its email template
  2. Optimize its base communications through content that is value- and savings-driven, helpful, inspiring, and most importantly, relevant to customers’ interests and preferences
  3. Build loyalty by positioning the supermarket chain as a partner for everyday tasks like cooking, recipe discovery, and, of course, grocery shopping

Solution & Results

Yes Marketing’s Creative team developed an email master template that established the framework for the supermarket’s new and improved marketing efforts. The template system employed responsive design techniques, automatically adapting emails to various screen sizes and ensuring the supermarket catered to its many on-the-go shoppers. Another new design element that enhanced the customer experience and mobile readability included incorporating bold, inviting colors and images.

At the same time, the supermarket pared down on copy while bumping up the size of text, including prominent headlines and calls-to-action. In addition, the supermarket’s revamped email template had flexible modules organized in a grid layout and ample whitespace, which made the marketing communications easier on the eyes—not to mention hands, since it became simpler to scroll and navigate through content. Ultimately, these visual changes gave the store’s messages a Pinterest-esque look and feel, appealing to social media-savvy members as well as the wider audience.

Yes Marketing’s aesthetic improvements to the grocery chain’s email template helped set the stage for an overhauled content strategy. With guidance from Yes Marketing's strategy team, the grocer launched an email campaign with a subject line calling attention to the new responsive design, which kept subscribers coming back for second (and third and fourth…) helpings regardless of whether they opened email marketing messages on computers or smartphones. The redesign, coupled with more personalized subject lines targeted to loyalty members’ interests—for instance, dynamic content for pet owners (“Pamper Your Pet”)—drove up email open rates.

Instead of having just circulars and other promotions, we wanted to pepper our communication touch points with valuable content.”

Head of Marketing

What’s more, the supermarket increased clicks by employing Yes Marketing’s content recommendations that positioned the supermarket as a go-to resource for lifestyle tips and improved member engagement.

The store started incorporating recurring sections of “sticky”, value-added content in mailings. These modules included themes such as:

  • enticing and seasonally relevant recipes (“Recipe of the Day”)
  • tips on how to whip up new dishes with fan-favorite ingredients (“Shoppers Favorites”)
  • unbeatable savings (“Switch & Save”)  exclusive offerings (“New In-Store Brands”) •
  • social preferences (“Tell Us More About You”)

Another content block that drove clicks was a new one that encouraged subscribers to read unbiased product reviews written by other shoppers.

All in all, by maintaining its focus on customers, the supermarket chain made its email marketing more digestible when partnering with Yes Marketing and the results proved fruitful: there was a whopping 42.3% increase in email opens and 69.7% boost in unique clicks, resulting in a 19.3% higher click-to-open rate. 

Through the results we saw, it became clear that we achieved our goal of delighting and surprising loyal customers by delivering a more relevant and personalized shopping experience.”

Head of Marketing

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