Industry-leading enterprise software company does major overhaul of email program

Industry-leading enterprise software company does major overhaul of email program

Leader in enterprise marketing software

Industry-leading enterprise software company does major overhaul of email program

Leader in enterprise marketing software
Key Solution Areas: 
welcome and added-value series, surveys, secondary email domain
Welcome and survey emails achieved open rates almost 50% higher than business-as-usual promotional messages | Average click rate for email with content surveys was nearly 1.5x that of promotional messages

Three-fold objectives for email program enhancements

Though it had nearly two decades of experience providing insights-driven solutions and timely content for digital marketers, a major enterprise software company decided it was time to enhance its email program. The client’s goals were three-fold:

  • Improve overall engagement through higher open and click-through rates
  • Deliver contextually relevant and value-added communications at a consistent rate to boost brand awareness and, emphasize its presence as a go-to industry resource
  • Increase overall deliverability rates and in particular, domain inboxing rates

Two-part solution

Yes Marketing took a two-pronged approach to achieving the client’s objectives:

Refine email program and redesign email templates for higher engagement and more cohesive program branding

With Yes Marketing's guidance, the client launched a Welcome email program where new subscribers are greeted as part of the community and given an overview of the benefits they’ll receive as a member in order to manage expectations. These welcome messages were deployed twice a week. In addition, the client started a bi-weekly “Spotlight” email series aimed at providing valuable insights on timely and relevant marketing topics to arm professionals with industry know-how. This series, which replaced conventional emails promoting latest resources or announcing product news, was mobile-ready through responsive templates and established brand consistency across each mailing. Furthermore, the “Spotlights” were supplemented by survey emails, sent every other week, designed to promote engagement by encouraging subscribers to provide feedback on the quality of resources they had downloaded. Overall, these program enhancements established consistency of the client’s mailing schedule.

Introduce a secondary domain for higher inboxing rates

Although the client had always used email activity (opens and clicks) and subscriber tenure to mail different segments of its database, inboxing rates averaged a modest 71%. To address this, Yes Marketing's deliverability team suggested creating a second email domain. Subsequently, email deployments were separated into two mail streams based on the following criteria:

  • Primary domain—targeted recently subscribed and/or currently engaged subscribers
  • Secondary domain—targeted recently engaged subscribers and/or those with longer database tenure 

One big overall success

The client’s redesigned email templates reduced the time and effort required to update content for each of the company’s messages while improving readability and creative rendering on mobile devices.

Ultimately, the new welcome and survey emails performed much better than promotional emails that were sent before the program enhancement: welcome emails achieved an impressive 41% average open rate (a 59% increase over the average open rate of promo messages) and survey emails garnered a 39% open rate, twice the average of promo messages. In addition, the content survey emails achieved over seven times the average click rate of previous marketing campaigns.

In terms of deliverability, the client achieved considerably higher inboxing rates after adding a secondary domain to its email program. The average inboxing rate for all messages deployed off of both domains reached 96% compared to 76% (a 26% increase), while average bounce rates decreased from 3.4% to 1.3%.

What’s more, 23% of all enhanced program emails achieved a 100% inboxing rate, compared to 0% prior to improvements. Creating a dedicated domain for mailing to less engaged subscribers also drastically improved the overall inboxing rate for the primary sending domain: it went from 71% to 97%.

During its first two months of operation, the client’s secondary email domain averaged an 82% inboxing rate. After using the domain to deploy survey emails as part of a ramp-up deliverability strategy, inboxing rate quickly increased to an average of 94%. This monthly breakdown of average inboxing rates tracks the increased deliverability rates for the secondary domain: 

"The strategy Yes Marketing provided for our mailing program worked like a charm. We improved every metric we track with minimal investment. The guidance we received from the Deliverability team was spot-on; the strategist and account manager were so fully immersed in our business that they knew what type of program components would appeal to our audience and achieve the results we were striving for. We couldn’t be happier with Yes Marketing's services.”

VP, Marketing

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