Lands’ End – Increasing Marketing Efficiency through the Right Technology and Process

Increasing Marketing Efficiency through the Right Technology and Process

Lands' End

Increasing Marketing Efficiency through the Right Technology and Process

Lands' End
Key Solution Areas: 
Deliverability, Template Builder, Email Strategy, Yesmail360i, Data Hygiene
A 28% increase in revenue per email

Company Background

Launched in the 1960s Lands’ End began as a mail-order yachting equipment retailer that soon became a household name synonymous with high-quality products and excellent customer service. Over the years Lands’ End became known as a customer-centric brand that constantly adapts and improves its processes to more effectively cater to their customers. Since 2014, Yes Marketing has been an instrumental partner when it comes to streamlining the retailer’s marketing processes and reducing costs through smart technology.

Key Business Objectives:

  • Lift revenue and engagement rates by fixing deliverability issues and improving sending reputation
  • Mitigate potential revenue loss caused by inboxing issues during peak holiday season
  • Increase email ROI through process improvements and reduced production times
  • Improve customer experience and increase conversions with better personalization

Solution Highlights:

  • Deliverability technology & services
  • Email Builder
  • Data hygiene
  • Dynamic content
  • Automated email trigger program


  • Reduced email production times by 50%
  • A 48% reduction in average bounce rate YoY (Year over Year) for Lands’ End’s primary sending domain and an 87% reduction in average bounce rate for their secondary sending domain
  • A 28% increase in revenue per email


Lands’ End employs the services and technology of Yes Marketing’s deliverability team to ensure that each email reaches its intended recipient’s inbox. This helps Lands’ End steer clear of spam traps, blacklisting, and other deliverability issues that affect inboxing rates and prevent consumers from seeing the brand’s messages and making an email-driven purchase.


When Lands’ End saw their Gmail reputation fall they turned to Yes Marketing’s deliverability team to help them improve. Since Gmail users account for over a third of all email subscribers, deliverability issues at Gmail mean that a large share of their audience cannot see their emails which translates into a drop in both conversion and revenue. To solve the problem, Yes Marketing’s deliverability team suggested changes to Lands’ End’s targeting, frequency and deployment strategies. These changes led to:

  • 100% inboxing rate at Gmail
  • An 18% increase in Lands’ End’s average open rate at Gmail for their primary sending domain
  • A 550% increase in the brand’s average open rate at Gmail for their secondary sending domain
  • 48% reduction in the average bounce rate for their primary sending domain
  • 87% reduction in their average bounce rate for their secondary sending domain
  • A 616% increase in their average open rate for their secondary sending domain


To ensure Lands’ End campaigns keep reaching subscriber’ inboxes during the peak holiday season, Yes Marketing’s deliverability team provided advanced seasonal planning and enhanced monitoring over Q4. Holiday deliverability support included detailed contingency plans in case of any issues and a comprehensive data hygiene process that removed dead, closed and spam trap accounts. The latter was performed to help Lands’ End minimize deliverability risks that could negatively impact revenue during their busy season.


These smart preparation tactics resulted in a 60% lower average bounce rate during peak season (Oct-Dec) for Lands’ End’s primary sending domain and a 98% lower average bounce rate for their secondary sending domain. This translated into higher overall number of conversions and higher revenue per email.

"Yes Marketing’s deliverability services team has been incredibly proactive with their recommendations – before we even realize that a change is needed, they come to us with solid advice on how we can improve. Their expertise has given my team a better understanding of deliverability and - most importantly – increased our email program ROI by helping us consistently reach each person in our audience.”

Dan Rosenthal

Sr Director Channel Strategy, Lands’ End

Content Best Practices


Lands’ End improves email personalization and reduces production times through dynamic content blocks that caters to each subscriber segment and feature the offer of the day. One of the most efficient components of these dynamic content modules is that, since Lands' End's offer changes daily, their production and creative teams do not have to lift a finger to change out the content or links populated in their messages to make them current; it’s all done automatically. This approach has dramatically reduced production and design time.

In addition, these content blocks feature a dynamic recommendations module that enables Lands' End to personalize email content for more customer segments by populating browsed or previously purchased items, reminding subscribers of what caught their eye and nudging them towards purchase. 


With the help and guidance of Yes Marketing, Lands’ End has build an extensive trigger program boasting 17 message types that span transactional, lifecycle and remarketing communications. Each message is informed by and triggered off subscribers’ email activity, purchase history, browse behavior or interests. In addition, Lands’ End was able to determine optimal message frequency through testing and a carefully planned message hierarchy which contributed to the brand’s trigger program becoming one of the most efficient and profitable enhancements over the last several years. The program’s intuitive setup has allowed the team to “set it and forget it” with only a periodic need to update content. The program has:

  • Doubled Lands’ End’s triggered program revenue since 2014 and increased it by 18% YoY
  • Increased revenue per email by 28% since 2014 and by 7% YoY
  • Achieved a 158% higher conversion rate (purchases per email click) than the retail industry average 


Land’s End recently added Email Builder to their everyday marketing toolset. The team is now able to build responsive, dynamic campaigns without coding, just by using Email Builder’s drag-and-drop functionality.

With Email Builder, Lands’ End has:

  • Streamlined their production process
  • Reduced email production times by 50%

“Email Builder has given our team a significant amount of their time back. The content library has been a game-changer; we use it all the time. Even though we’re still in the early ages of Email Builder adoption, we’ve seen immediate results. Our production time has decreased by a half.”

Chris Reynolds

Senior Email Marketing Manager, Lands’ End

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