Amplified Email Engagement and Revenue? Check!

Amplified Email Engagement and Revenue? Check!

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Amplified Email Engagement and Revenue? Check!

Key Solution Areas: 
Yes Marketing's cross-channel platform Yesmail360, dedicated account management
New marketing emails generated a 3.2% increase in overall website revenue | Yes Marketing-designed email program increased annual average order value by 7% | Achieved an open rate of over 25% and a 1.2% conversion rate

Objective and Solution 

Before choosing Yes Marketing as its digital marketing partner, Deluxe deployed solely transactional emails such as order confirmations and shipment tracking. These triggered emails were relevant for customers but did not provide a lot of additional value to the brand. In order to achieve maximum impact through its email initiatives, Deluxe decided to diversify its program and implement marketing messaging.

Deluxe signed on for the Yesmail360 cross-channel platform as a self-serve partner, but Yes Marketing's dedicated account managers immersed themselves in the client’s business. Although customers order new checks every twelve months on average, Yes Marketing recommended sending them highly targeted email promotions that catered to people in various stages of the buying cycle. Per Yes Marketing's strategic guidance, Deluxe delivered follow-up messages to users who didn’t open or click the first emails they received. This enabled the check supplier to increase open rates and boost sales.

Throughout Deluxe’s new initiatives, Yes Marketing provided ‘full-service’ attention. 

The account managers at Yes Marketing took ownership of all updates necessary for our tracking links, creative revisions, enablement and deployment. Then not only did they conduct tests and QA, but they also completed the feedback loop by providing follow-up metrics for analysis. For just one of our campaigns, the open rate was over 25% and had a 1.2% conversion rate” 

 Debbie Olson
Product Manager, Deluxe

The Yes Marketing team designed straightforward email creative with clear calls-to-action and a section that showcased add-on products such as deposit tickets and checkbook covers. Deluxe’s new email marketing program also entailed monthly messages to remind customers to order checks (e.g. “Reminder: You May Be Almost Out of Checks!”), as well as holiday promotions for seasonal relevance.

By sending timely emails and including up- and cross-sell content, Deluxe amplified customer engagement and increased revenue. The company achieved an 18.7% average email open rate, higher than the retail/wholesale industry standard of 13.5% noted in Yes Marketing's quarterly email benchmark reports. What’s more, the conversion rate, calculated based on total opens and number of orders, was an impressive 3.9%. For check reorder reminders, this rate was even higher, at 4.6%. In addition, the average order value for purchases made as a result of promotional emails was 7% higher than for status quo orders not generated by email. Ultimately, Deluxe saw a 3.2% increase in revenue due to its new promotional emails. 

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