Marketing Quarterly Awards - 2018 Data Category Winners

Best Use of Customer Data for Individualization - West Marine

West Marine and Yes Marketing created a data-driven mobile responsive content module that reflects the current level of West Marine’s rewards members and incorporates animation and gamification elements to encourage activity. Members received personalized and dynamic content with their loyalty level, points earned, points to next award, and information about certificates available for redemption. The coded module can easily be included in any campaign and can be moved anywhere within a message. If a rewards member does not have any points, or if a recipient of a message is not a rewards member, the dynamic code hides the module from view. The animated water gauge displays a member’s current point level and reinforces West Marine’s brand identity as a boating and water sports retailer. The module easily incorporates personalization and real-time data into any message thus achieving West Marine’s goal to be able to personalize 100% of messages vs its initial 10%.

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Best Use of AI - Marriott Traveler

Yes Marketing worked with Marriott partner, Wylei to implement the content module that uses real-time machine learning to select the best four destinations from a list of 22 potential locations to highlight in emails to each individual subscriber. The decision is based on AI-driven learning that factors in the subscriber’s previous responses and considers not only click activity but other factors such as geo-location. The “Book. Explore. Earn” module can be incorporated across multiple campaign types and the AI-driven optimization has repeatedly generated a 25% lift in click-to-open rates.

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Best Use of Real-time Data - Technology - Honeywell

Honeywell implemented real-time creative optimization to tease their Black Friday offerings. They also drove consumer interest and built intrigue by incorporating images that automatically revealed their Black Friday offers when a countdown timer reached zero. Consumers could also click on the banners to reveal each offer - scratch ticket style. In addition, the email showcased the closest retailer for each offer, so shoppers could quickly find a home improvement store near them while they were out and about shopping on Black Friday.

The email generated a 20% open rate for existing customers, all of whom received real-time data emails. Prospects were split into two groups to measure the lift from using real-time data. The prospects who received real-time data emails had a 17.5% higher open rate than those who received only the static email.

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