IMPACT 14 Award

Yesmail was named Email Marketing Winner by the Internet Marketing Association for work on VSP's EnVision newsletter. The Yes Marketing team refreshed the look of VSP’s e-newsletter and made it more mobile-friendly at the same time by creating email templates using responsive design techniques. With this new design, EnVison’s layout automatically adapts to different screen sizes. In addition, CSS call-to-action buttons are large and utilize rounded-corners without images, making them 100% readable and clickable. Plus, text size grows substantially for viewership on small mobile screens. Lastly, a fun recurring section in the bottom half of the newsletter captures readers’ interest through ‘sticky’ content like sweepstakes, trivia, and social media excerpts. These updates have resulted in drastic improvements in the performance of VSP’s e-newsletter—there was a surge in engagement and unique page visits.

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