IAC Awards - 2019 Winners

Best Retail Email Message

To get consumers excited about back-to-school, Lands’ End offered a spectacular promotion for Backpack Day. Shoppers were treated to a generous 50% discount off backpacks and lunch boxes as well as free shipping with no minimum purchase. The Backpack Day email generated a 14% higher-than-average open rate, a 98% higher clickthrough rate (CTR) and a 74% higher click-to-open (CTO) rate. In addition, the email had a 33% higher-than-average ROI.

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Best Travel Online Newsletter Campaign

The Undiscovered America series was launched to promote under-the-radar and smaller travel markets, as well as add a content-rich piece to our marketing calendar. Each message focuses on a new set of destinations. The bar at the top of each message highlighted that day’s deal and built anticipation among members while showing progression of the daily deals structure from Monday to Friday. The series’ overall booking/conversion rate was 54% higher than the historical average of national promos.

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Best Sports Online Newsletter Campaign

Best Of Show Online Newsletter Campaign

Spartan’s customer acquisition campaign generated a 28% higher open rate than standard emails and a 7% higher average order value (AOV). In this single execution email campaign, Spartan was able to generate a 353% return on their investment. In addition, the new customers Spartan acquired through the initiative spent 4.5 times more than it cost to acquire them. Spartan was able to not only expanded their reach, but also lower customer acquisition costs, and identify their most influential brand advocates.

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Outstanding Email Message Campaign

Community Coffee redesigned their subscriber welcome series to provide a more optimal and relevant customer experience. To reduce unsubscribes and give consumers more control over how they would like to be communicated with, Community Coffee promoted the option to update preferences in the very first touchpoint. The welcome series has generated an incredible 47% average open rate and a 23% average click-to-open rate across all three touchpoints. The new welcome series has garnered a $61 average order value to date.

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