2018 Horizon Interactive Awards - Email - Promotion - GOLD

Choice Hotels - Fall Promo

Choice Hotel’s annual Fall Promotion offers a “stay two nights, earn one free” points earning opportunity and this year we gave the promotion a punchy new tagline and an animated graphic treatment.

While promotions always do well with Choice Privileges members because of the opportunity to earn bonus points, we wanted to appeal to the side of our audience that may use their earned free night as a chance to travel somewhere new. The tagline “Stay Here, Stay There, Stay Free” gets the member thinking, “I’m staying here next week for work, staying there next month for a conference, but where could I stay with my free night?” The image drives the point home by showing a map of the United States with three points – one for the first night, one for the second, and one for the free third night.

With this graphic and tagline, the member is not just thinking in terms of earning bonus points. They’re imagining which one of the 1,000 hotels worldwide might appeal to them. Since the Choice Privileges membership is heavy on business travelers, this promotion gives them an opportunity to think about where they might want to go rather than where they have to go.

The “Stay Here, Stay There, Stay Free” tagline and graphic were carried through all four emails in the Fall Promotion series – announcement, registration confirmation, congratulations, and last chance. The body copy and CTA changed throughout to reflect the action required, and the congratulations email included a confetti animation to acknowledge their earned free night.

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