2018 Horizon Interactive Awards - Advertising - Integrated Campaign - BRONZE

Spartan - Customer Acqusition

Spartan email subscribers received an email encouraging them to share a discount code with their family and friends on social media. The email promotion linked to a landing page with pre-populated sharable content for Facebook and Twitter which, once posted, directed followers to a unique landing page where new subscribers could create a Spartan account and redeem their offer. After a follower signed up for an account, the Spartan subscriber who shared the link would receive a follow-up email with a 20% off discount to use themselves.

Spartan’s customer acquisition campaign generated a 28% higher open rate than standard emails and a 7% higher average order value (AOV). In this single execution email campaign, Spartan was able to generate a 353% return on their investment. In addition, the new customers Spartan acquired through the initiative spent 4.5 times more than it cost to acquire them. Spartan was able to not only expanded their reach, but also lower customer acquisition costs, and identify their most influential brand advocates.

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