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Verizon Drops Email Service: What Does It Mean For Marketers?

Our deliverability experts explain the situation

Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s Deliverability team wants marketers to know that while Verizon has announced they’re discontinuing their email service, there’s not too much they’ll need to do. users have until April 28th 2017 to decide whether they will continue to use their Verizon email addresses (via AOL) or move onto another email provider. Here’s what marketers should know:

  • If Verizon users choose to migrate to AOL, that’s great. The address will remain active and receive emails through the AOL servers.
  • With the recent Yahoo/AOL merger, users will be able to migrate using Yahoo’s mail servers as well.
  • The current cutoff date to migrate a email is set to April 28th, 2017
  • If Verizon users go to another email provider, here is what brands need to do:
    • First thing’s first: remove dead emails that are confirmed invalid. Marketers should review their current hard bounce rules to ensure invalid records are removed promptly and effectively.
    • Find out how many Verizon subscribers you’re actively mailing and assess how this number will impact the size of your database. In most cases, the 4 major ISPs Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook make up over 60% of marketers’ databases so we don’t expect Verizon to be a major portion of your email list. In our experience, Verizon typically makes up between 1% and 10% of a marketer’s database.
    • Determine if you have an alternative way to reach your subscribers, particularly the ones with email addresses. If you have a mailing address, a secondary email, or a cell phone number (for text/SMS), using it to remind subscribers to update their email addresses, re-opt in or confirm their existing email. As always, ensure you have the proper permissions before you reach out via an alternative contact method.
    • If you know which ones of your subscribers follow you on social, consider a post about the Verizon switch-over, complete with instructions on how to remain engaged and perhaps them a direct message or  posting on the issue to encourage them to remain loyal
  • If a Verizon user doesn’t claim their account or move to another ISP, their account will lapse. After 180 days of inactivity Verizon will delete the account. With proper list management and data hygiene practices, this migration from Verizon to AOL should not be a major cause for concern in terms of email deliverability or reputation. Any closed down Verizon addresses will gradually bounce off of your mailing list and, aside from a temporary increase in bounce rates, there shouldn’t be any long-term negative effects.

Keep in mind that a Verizon subscriber may wait until the last moment to decide how to handle their email address.

If you need help evaluating current bounce rules or information about data hygiene, feel free to tweet our deliverability experts at @yeslifecyclemkt.

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Kevin Gallant

Kevin’s approach is to become deeply involved in clients needs and expectations. Kevin comes from a detail oriented background with 5 years experience in the digital and print marketing field. Now, a three-year veteran at Yes Marketing with the Deliverability team, Kevin's ability and passion for attention to detail and trending patterns has excelled him into the multiple platforms Yes Marketing supports. As the West Coast Intelligence Product Manager, Kevin provides a strong background in email-centric clients focusing on deliverability and competitive monitoring.