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Reduce customer attrition and improve purchase rates...Just like See's Candies

Purchase rates

See’s Candies, a major retailer and wholesaler of high end candies was experiencing customer attrition due to a challenge in delivering personalized messaging over the right channel(s).

Prior to their partnership with Yes Lifecycle Marketing, the brand was sending a single offer across all channels hoping to retain customers by utilizing an RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) model but without personalizing their messaging.

This is not an uncommon occurrence with marketers - they are inundated with more data than they know what to do with and are thus forced to utilize the quickest, easiest modeling available.  Most of the time, they know what they need to be doing, but are not given the appropriate tools or resources to do it.

However, customer attrition is a major problem for many retailers as consumers have more on-demand access to ecommerce sites and deals of the day

One way that marketers can help reduce customer attrition and increase marketing ROI is by building personas, incorporating them into their CRM strategy, and considering them when developing their messaging strategy.

Assessing - Validating - Testing

See’s Candies, wanted to have a deeper understanding of their best customers. Additionally, they wanted to identify those customers’ behaviors and preferences at each stage of their lifecycles. Yes Lifecycle Marketing conducted a thorough“Marketing Opportunity Diagnostic” and took a deep-dive into See’s Candies customer base to analyze their data in order to identify and understand each customer segment.

Through this exercise, See’s Candies was able to see where they had the most opportunity to grow revenue and reduce customer attrition. Furthermore, it led to the validation of three known personas – Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma - and the creation of two new ones, their best customer persona and a previously unknown male persona.

After identifying the male segment as a key growth area, See’s Candies and Yes Lifecycle Marketing developed multiple messages using subtle variances in copy and imagery.  What they found, was that the copy that incorporated urgent, yet simple messaging had the strongest conversion rates.

The copy of the email indicated when the customer would receive his purchase (or when the Valentine’s gift he’s planning on purchasing would be delivered), how many days were left until Valentine’s Day, and where they could find the nearest store.

The initial results showed:

  • 4% increase in open rates
  • 25% increase in purchases

With the help of comprehensive insights on their customers and their preferences, See’s Candies fundamentally changed the way they engage their customers and reduced their attrition.

For additional information on how you can build and implement personas into your CRM strategy, download our newest whitepaper “Driving Customer Acquisition Through Personas”.

Author Bio

Anthony Pauley

Anthony manages marketing for Yes Lifecycle Marketing which includes content marketing, lead generation, go-to-market strategies, partner marketing strategies and a host of other responsibilities. Prior to joining Infogroup and Yes Lifecycle Marketing he worked in business development and marketing for Experian Marketing Services. His expertise being around data, data processing and database marketing technologies in both B2C and B2B applications, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the marketing group and is looking forward to establishing Yes Lifecycle Marketing as a leader in the market place.