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A Mobile Holiday in 2013

Q4 Increase in Email-Generated Revenue

Q4 is a crucial time frame for brands to prove their marketing chops, and the heat was on (literally and figuratively) during the holiday season in 2013 since it was six days shorter than usual. For consumers, this meant a condensed shopping window and greater reliance on convenient mobile devices.

This was a boon for marketers who rely on email as a revenue-driver: in the final quarter of the year, mobile revenue jumped by 52%, nearly triple that of desktop (18%). Mobile conversions, defined in a new Yesmail report as purchases completed due to an email click, also increased by 23%. This outpaced the increase in desktop revenue, 11%, by more than two-to-one.

While these types of lifts were expected during the holiday season, they're especially significant since the jump in mobile revenue and conversions could indicate that consumers are becoming more comfortable making purchases on their mobile devices. From a marketing standpoint, it could mean that brands felt even more pressure during the holidays to implement mobile-first digital strategies that commenced with email. Tactics could include:

  1. Optimizing for the mobile inbox — being concise and keeping character limits in mind to avoid truncating subject lines and pre-header text
  2. Designing for the mobile screen — implementing scalable and responsive design techniques to ensure readability of messages
  3. Tailoring content to the mobile context — highlighting calls-to-action to achieve your marketing goals, whether it’s to generate revenue, encourage subscribers to download your app, etc.
  4. Utilizing the capabilities of mobile devices — directing readers to open a map to find your store, add an upcoming event to their calendar, and so on

It’s important to note that this mobile path-to-conversion (purchase or otherwise) is not limited to smartphones. In Q4 2013, tablet orders made up three in five mobile orders, a 65% increase quarter-over-quarter. Many consumers were gifted tablets during the 2012 holiday season, and it seems like many of them used these devices to do their own holiday shopping the following year. As 2014 continues, we’ll be monitoring consumers and their evolving preferences.


Author Bio

Linda Vetter

Linda is a tactical demand generation expert with over 10 years of experience implementing strategic lead generation marketing programs. Linda is instrumental in managing the go-to-market programs and extending Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s reach in the marketplace. Most recently, Linda was the Senior Marketing Manager at Experian where she was responsible for generating demand for Experian’s Customer Intelligence Platform via strategic multi-channel marketing programs. Prior to Experian, Linda was the Director of Brand and Field Marketing at Alterian. There, she increased lead generation by 88% by strategically managing go-to-market activities for their lines of business. Linda also grew the leads generated by their monthly webinar series program by 432% globally. With the implementation of an asset deployment strategy, content, such as whitepapers, ebooks, presentations, etc., was repurposed and made more widely accessible via multiple online channels. This was a vital element to the success of Alterian’s inbound marketing strategies, which improved their online footprint and garnered such accomplishments as an 86% increase in blog traffic, 200+% increase in YouTube viewership, 65,000 Slideshare views - which collected 330+ leads.