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Mobile gets better with age

Read this blog post to learn how can marketers grow with mobile as it continues to grow with consumers

Here is a simple question: When sitting on the train during your morning commute, waiting at an airport, having a bite at a local bar, or just walking down the street, what is the one thing you’re always guaranteed to see when you look around? 
You guessed it: people looking at their smartphones, constantly glued to the small screen.

We live in a digital world where technology seems to be more and more prominent in people’s everyday lives. It’s so ingrained in our daily routine and yet we barely notice it – we stare at our smartphones during our commute, stare at our laptops during our work days (while still picking up the smartphone several times an hour), look at the tablet screen while we’re making dinner, watch our TVs during the meal, all while we’re texting, tweeting, facebook-ing, and Instagram-ing. According to findings  from Informate Mobile Intelligence, Americans are spending an average of 4.7 hours a day on their smart phones-- about one-third of their total waking hours. As shocking as that stat may be, I am not that surprised; I can’t really recall the last time I used a desktop in my spare time.

The advances of mobile technology and its rampant adoption rate have opened doors to endless possibilities for marketers. But it’s up to them to capitalize on them.

Yesmail’s latest Q4 2015 benchmark study found that mobile Click-to-Open (CTO) rates continue to grow, indicating that the convenience of the mobile device is quickly taking over the traditional ease of use of the desktop with its large screen and fast processing times.

As showcased above, the gap between desktop and mobile CTO is consistently narrowing. Over the last two years desktop CTO has decreased by 29% while mobile CTO has increased by 26%. Having the ability to check emails on-the-go and at any given time presents almost unlimited opportunities for consumers to engage with content. It’s time for marketers to pounce!

TIPS:  Since consumers are increasingly opening and clicking emails from their mobile devices, marketers need to ensure that:

  • Email subject lines are short and to-the-point, so they fully display on mobile devices
  • Pre-header text, which typically displays on mobile device under the campaign’s subject line, is readable and clarifies the subject line
  • Email creative is fully responsive so it renders in a readable and user-friendly format on a mobile device

Moving on. 
Not only has mobile CTO grown considerably and is on pace for reaching desktop CTO, but the proportion of mobile to desktop clicks has consistently increased over the last two years, further exemplifying the ubiquity of consumers’ mobile usage.

The fact of the matter is that marketers need to focus on mobile not as another channel, but as soon-to-be the norm for consumer interaction with email.

This can only happen if brands look beyond responsive design as a way to capture subscribers’ attention through email. While an absolutely necessary first step, responsive cannot be considered an end-all, be-all mobile engagement tactic.

TIPS: In order for brands to reach audiences by channeling consumer’s fondness of mobile, they need to develop thorough email personalization techniques, including data points such as:

  • First name
  • Consumers’ location
  • Weather at consumers’ location (for customizing creative with appropriate images/offers)
  • Time consumers are most likely to open an email campaign
  • Demographic characteristics (for customizing creative with appropriate images/offers)

Mobile is only going to continue to grow so it is vital for marketers to grow with it in order to stay competitive and consistently see an increase in mobile engagement.

For more benchmark data and recommendations, download Yesmail’s Q4 2015 Marketing Compass report. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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