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Mobile Devices Lead in Email Opens, Trail in Other Important Metrics

Yesmail’s latest benchmark study

While mobile devices lead when it comes to email opens, they lag behind in other important measures. Yesmail’s latest benchmark study, based on data from Q2 2013 through Q2 of this year, found that mobile devices accounted for 64.5% of all email opens—nearly double the rate of desktop opens—while just 35% of all clicks. Note that the figure for mobile opens is adjusted to account for Android devices (see slide 8), which frequently have a default “images off” setting.

 At the same time, however, the mobile click-to-open rate has some catching up to do.  Though it has trended upwards over the past five quarters, in Q2 2014 it was 9.3%—a sharp contrast to the 22.6% click-to-open rate for desktop.

Varied screen sizes and shorter attention spans while consumers are on-the-go may contribute to this discrepancy. Another possible explanation? According to Michael Fisher, President of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, “The lag in mobile revenue can be attributed to a non-optimized user experience.” This leads us to another challenge for marketers: mobile conversion. On average, the mobile conversion rate is two-thirds the rate of desktop.

Mobile purchases make up nearly a quarter (22%) of all purchases, a 40% increase since last year. Surprisingly, mobile email revenue hasn’t kept the same pace and has grown a modest 10% year-over-year. One possible reason for this is the decline in average order value on mobile devices:  $79 to $55, which is 33% lower than desktops.

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