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Mobile’s Fast Track to Becoming the Norm in Consumers’ Purchase Behavior

Mobile Purchase Behavior

Remember the days when having a mobile phone was a luxury… Although, personally I am not sure what was so luxurious about carrying around a device that weighed 2.5 pounds and measured 10 inches long1. But fast-forward 40 years and many iterations later, mobile devices now have a very prominent role in our everyday life.

We live in a digital world where we are exposed to mobile centric technology on a daily basis and yet we barely notice it. For example, iPads and Tablets have now replaced books and newspapers, GPS enabled apps replaced paper maps, and typed emails or text messages replaced written letters. Furthermore, the ability to conduct everyday tasks such as checking emails and social media, paying for coffee at Starbucks, and refilling prescriptions via our touch screens are just a few examples of recent advances in mobile technology, so ingrained in our daily routine that we already take them for granted.

The retail industry is no exception. As more and more consumers favor the ease and convenience of online shopping over the hassle of going to malls, with mobile technology in the mix, shoppers can now make their purchases anytime and anywhere. The growing prevalence of smartphone use combined with the increasing number of mobile-friendly ecommerce sites have opened doors to endless possibilities for email marketers. But it’s up to them to capitalize on these mobile opportunities. 

Yesmail’s latest Q2 2016 benchmark study found that mobile orders and revenue continue to grow while desktop is experiencing major drops, indicating that the convenience of the mobile device is quickly taking over the traditional ease of use of the desktop with its large screen and fast processing times.

As showcased above, the gap between desktop and mobile purchasing behavior is consistently narrowing. Over the last two years desktop email-driven orders have decreased by 20 percentage points while mobile email-driven orders have increased by 20 percentage points. Having the ability to check emails on-the-go and at any given time presents almost unlimited opportunities for consumers to engage with content and make purchases. It’s time for marketers to pounce!

2 Tips for Marketers

Mobile is here to stay and is only going to have a bigger impact as will its share of revenue. So marketers can either adapt to the changes or get left in the dust. Since consumers are increasingly purchasing on mobile devices, marketers should consider implementing the following:

  • A good first step if brands haven’t already done so is to implement responsive design for both email and websites to automatically adapt to different screen sizes. This provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience, no matter which operating system or device is being used. By stacking email sections in accordance with the dimensions of a consumer’s device, marketers ensure readability and visual appeal of their creative content.
  • Creating an easy and stress free checkout option can also contribute to increased mobile purchases. Consider integrating payment services that are popular with your clientele. Whether it is PayPal, Venmo, Visa Checkout, or Mobile Wallet, using these widely adopted platforms can help build loyalty and set your brand apart from the competitors. 

Mobile is only going to continue to grow so it is vital for marketers to grow with it in order to stay competitive and consistently see an increase in mobile revenue.


For more benchmark data, tips, and strategies, download Yesmail’s Q2 2016 Benchmark report!



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Madeline Nelson

As a Marketing Coordinator, Intelligence Products Analyst, Maddy is responsible for ensuring the outbound deployment and inbox placement of messaging across email, SMS, and social channels. Her favorite part about her role is that each and every day is different and she's constantly learning from her colleagues. In her downtime, she attends Chicago White Sox and Chicago Blackhawks games. And when she's not decked out in Hawks gear you’ll most likely find her in a Gryffindor shirt, as she's an avid fan of Harry Potter!