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Infographic: The Retail Shopper’s Journey to Loyalty

By Gregg Hecht
Senior Graphic Artist

Understanding consumer decision-making is crucial for brands to remain competitive in a changing retail environment. Our recent consumer survey revealed the factors that motivate first-time purchases, inspire trust, and make the biggest impact on long-term loyalty.

Senior Graphic Artist

Gregg Hecht

Placing a definition around art is always a subject of debate, but Gregg likes to think that we can all agree that whatever we see art in (be it a painting, in design, or even an athletic activity) there is always something special that distinguishes it. That “something special” has no formula, but trying to find it in design and in fencing has been the direction the last several years of Gregg's life has followed. He has no problem imagining that his interests will continue on in that direction for many more years.