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Hybrid Vendors - Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Vendors

The marketing solution marketplace used to be filled with vendors who had deep expertise in a specific discipline. Companies would often look to a provider who was a specialist in one thing. That one thing was all they did and they had been doing it for years and did it better than anyone else. This unfortunately led to companies having to managing dozens of vendors and all the integrations they required. Over time, this lead companies to start undertaking efforts to consolidate to the least amount of vendors possible. Individual Marketing vendors then tried to become all things to all people and starting offering services outside their core competency. Modeling vendors offered database platforms and platform vendors offered data processing services and so on.

As marketers looked to select a single product to perform all of their marketing needs, they had to look at the trade-off of having a “one size fits all” platform that did everything but excelled at nothing.  Today marketers have the opportunity of going back to select vendors who specialize in a specific discipline and are the best at what they do but who also have prebuilt integrations with other best of breed technology solutions.

This hybrid approach allows companies to select a single vendor who provides a “best of breed” marketing platform from industry leading providers in a single solution. The vendor now manages all the technology integrations and provides the marketer with a single solution and a single point of contact. Marketers are now able to achieve the best of both worlds by limiting the number of vendors they manage while at the same time not having to sacrifice getting the best in class technology for everything they need to get their jobs done. 

Download this survey for more information on how marketers are consolidating their vendor relationships.

Author Bio

Sal Pecoraro

In his role as Vice President of Marketing Technology & Support, Sal is engaged in managing a corporate-wide product vision and strategy to create and maintain leading-edge marketing products and services that are consistent across all divisions. He is known throughout the industry for his consultative approach to identifying solutions for clients’ database marketing and data processing needs. He expertise includes: -Support to qualify opportunities -Consultative strategic recommendations on technology, data content and data processing -Product presentations and demos in person at client meetings or via Webex web conferencing -Solution design -Product marketing, product collateral and trade shows -Strategic advantage intelligence over competitive products -Support for questions and written RFP responses -Sales team product and industry training sessions Sal has been with Yes Marketing for over 14 years and has over 28 years experience in the database marketing and data processing industry, including marketing database applications, NCOA and data hygiene processing, list processing, creative/print production, and consultative services. In addition, he is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, the Forrester Technology Marketing Council Leadership Board, and The Data Warehousing Institute.