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How to Go from Mobile-Friendly to Mobile-Actionable Email

Mobile email best practices

“Marketers have been claiming the death of email is near for years.  That myth couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. Contrary to popular belief, email is alive and kicking and mobile is playing a major role: about three in four smartphone users have their device on them for most of the waking day. And in Q2, mobile clicks made up 46% of all email clicks.

Responsive design—among other tactics such as triggered email and value-added content—is a popular strategy that enables marketers to keep on-the-go subscribers engaged. While some brands have been slow to accept that mobile is here to stay, many have adapted to changing consumer preferences and implemented strategies that optimize the mobile user experience. Case in point: last quarter, half of all emails marketers sent were responsive, a whopping 75% increase year-over-year (YoY).

This enhancement to mobile email communications could help explain the inverse relationship between mobile and desktop click-to-open rates (CTO):

  • Mobile CTO increased 18% YoY
  • Desktop CTO decreased by 15% YoY 

For example, due to responsive emails, consumers may feel less compelled to revisit messages on a desktop computer or delete them altogether if they’re hard to read on a small smartphone screen.

Although marketers have made huge strides with making email “mobile-friendly,” there are still open opportunities to make messages “mobile-actionable.” By “mobile-actionable” I mean using content that considers the mobile context to boost subscriber engagement and conversion. This kind of content can be informed by things like:

  • Mobile devices’ functionalities 

         E.G. Click HERE to download our mobile app!

  • Consumers’ location 

         E.G. You’re 15 Feet Away From 20% OFF Gap’s Fall Collection

  • Consumers’ time zone

         E.G. Stop In For Lunch By Noon Today And Get 10% Off

Here’s a real-world example from Marriott Rewards explaining how the brand launched an email campaign that generated a chart-topping amount of app downloads by catering exclusively to their mobile audience and tailoring their winning email’s calls-to-action to the mobile context.

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Ivy Shtereva

As a VP of marketing at Yes Marketing, Ivy is responsible for multichannel strategy and implementation across the email, database, web, and direct marketing channels. She is dedicated to improving the quantity and quality of incoming leads through a combination of engaging content, effective communication strategy, and timely follow-up. Ivy is committed to making Yes Marketing the undisputed thought leader in the industry when it comes to executable digital recommendations and has made significant strides to achieving this goal by authoring Yes Marketing's one-of-a-kind quarterly benchmark reports. In her free time, Ivy loves to travel to obscure US destinations to capture the true ‘local taste’ of every state (as long as meat is not involved). She’s an avid Chicago Bears fan and consistently exhibits Bears bias in setting her fantasy football lineups.