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Email + Social Media = the PB & J of Marketing

So just what do people use social media for?

I’m always hearing marketers talking about what digital channel is most effective, email or social. This past year, 2 established research firms published studies around this very topic.

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of social media, The Wall Street Journal quoted recent Gallupresearch to suggest that social media has failed to live up to its early marketing hype. The comprehensive Gallup study provided a detailed perspective on just how unsuccessful social media has been for marketers.

And what about email? Many critics speculated that email marketing would be dead by 2014, but it’s actually quite the opposite. According to Forbes.com2, ‘research shows old-fashioned email is still far more effective than social media in attracting customers to your business online.  Customers who come to businesses via email tend to shop more and spend more.

So just what do people use social media for? According to Gallup, here are the top 3 uses:

  1. To connect with friends and family (94%)
  2. To follow trends/find product reviews and information (29%)
  3. To comment on what’s hot or new/write product reviews (20%)

Gallup research concluded that consumers would rather turn to friends and family members when seeking perspective on a brand, product, or service, than interacting with the brand. The study also revealed that company-sponsored Facebook pages and Twitter feeds have little muscle when it comes to conversion.

Let’s recap what we know so far:

  1. 94% of social media users use it to connect with friends and family  
  2. Consumers turn to friends and family when seeking advice about a product or brand
  3. Email has proven its ability to convert consumers to purchasers

The following question remains: How do we combine the marketing power of email with the personality of social media?

Bringing these digital channels together and measuring the effectiveness of social has been a challenge for marketers for a decade. Bridging the gap between the two would enable consumers to share email offers with friends and family on social media and measure reach and revenue generated through the offers each subscriber shares on their networks.

Something like this:

Would result in this:      

Will the email offer be successful? It should be and here’s why:

The majority of social media users use it to connect with friends and family, and do listen to what their network has to say about brands and products.  Given that people purchase as a result of marketing emails, this innovative concept successfully brings the same ROI metrics to social media by integrating both channels.

How would it work?

There is not much on the market that allows one-click integration between email and social. Here are some boxes that an effective solution would tick:

  • Subscriber ability to share email campaigns on all major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
  • Ability to track a shared campaign’s cumulative shares and attribute revenue back to each email subscriber
  • Track key metrics to help develop strategies to further incentivize email subscribers to share email campaigns with their networks

Coincidentally, Yesmail recently released Customer Generator Intelligence and, equally coincidentally, it checks all of the boxes above.

Stay tuned in our blog to see how we convert email campaigns into shareable social rockets!



Author Bio

Jason Warnock

Jason Warnock is a seasoned veteran of digital marketing. After creating successful email applications for Canadian bank CIBC (2004), Jason initiated and managed Deliverability Operations for Digital Connexxions (2006) implementing several key strategies for major publishing clients. After a successful acquisition of Digital Connexxions in 2006 by infoUSA, Jason proceeded to become Director of Deliverability for Yes Marketing (2007) followed by VP of Deliverability Services for Yes Marketing (2011). Jason has transformed Yes Marketing's Deliverability into an industry leading solution through enhanced offerings of technology and client services. Jason has designed successful technical and business strategies for several large Fortune 500 companies including: HP, Coke, Kodak, Facebook, eBay,, and United Airlines.