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Email Marketers Still Missing Opportunities for Mobile Engagement

Results from Yesmail’s Q1 study show that non-responsive emails have a click-to-open rate of 9.8% versus 11.9% for responsive emails.

86% of marketers admit that they could do a better job at engaging with customers, and they’re losing out on significant opportunities by continuously deploying status quo i.e. non-responsive emails. Emails employing responsive design automatically adapt to various screen sizes, optimizing the viewing experience for subscribers reading on either computers or mobile devices. Results from Yesmail’s Q1 study show that non-responsive emails have a click-to-open rate of 9.8% versus 11.9% for responsive emails. 

Despite this high engagement, marketers have been slow to adapt to this change in consumer behavior: just 1% send responsive emails exclusively. Nearly a third don’t use responsive design at all.

Many people expected mobile usage to reach a saturation point, but email engagement rates continue to indicate this won’t be the case—at least for the near future. Benchmarks from Q3 2013 revealed when we first reached the tipping point where more than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device. The rate was 51.6% by Q1 2014, according to insights from Yesmail’s latest analysis. The onus is on marketers to keep up with consumer preferences and think mobile-first, especially since hybrid viewership (opening emails on both desktop and mobile devices) is declining quarter-over-quarter.

For more Q1 benchmarks, download Yesmail’s complete overview.

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